The first WELL certificate in Finland

Säterinportti was the first building in Finland to achieve a WELL Building Standard which focuses on the holistic well-being of building occupants. The WELL Building Standard aims to deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces. A great amount of thought and effort has been put into promoting wellness in Säterinportti, because we know that wellness of mind and body leads to productive, engaged, and healthy employees.

Why is well-being important?

It makes employees more engaged, more productive and less frequently absent from work.

Top priority

The importance of well-being at work cannot be overemphasized. According to one study, almost 70% of HR managers made workplace well-being the top priority of their organization. The number of stress-related absences at workplaces is increasing, and underperformance and absenteeism have a direct effect on a company's profitability.

Well-being is not always easy to measure

As hybrid work increases, ensuring well-being at work is more challenging than before. Those who work remotely 100% of the time have been found to experience a 60% increase in their feeling of loneliness. Researching well-being at work is not always easy, because people do not necessarily convey their deepest feelings honestly in surveys and interviews. The WELL real estate certificate has been developed to meet this challenge, with its sole focus on health and well-being. Originally developed to support architectural and interior design, WELL measures, certifies and monitors the elements of the building that affect health and well-being, like access to natural light, air quality and temperature. 

Well-being has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line

Companies that take care of well-being have fewer absences and the costs of occupational healthcare remain lower. The employees of these companies are also more committed to their work and more productive, all of which have a positive effect on the company's bottom line. At Säterinportti, taking care of your well-being has been made super easy by offering healthy food, inviting spaces for taking breaks and fostering community, excellent exercise opportunities and services dedicated to wellness and relaxation.


The WELL certification measures the building elements that have a scientifically proven effect for well-being.


We survey tenant satisfaction on a regular basis. The results convey satisfaction in Säterinportti's amenities, especially the fitness centre and restaurants, and the flexibility of the premises in changing needs is also complimented. The tenants each use their own methods to research the satisfaction of their personnel. In 2022, our tenant Vincit was selected as the best workplace in Finland in the Great Place To Work survey.


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No other business park has put this much effort in making people feel good at work.

1700 m2 wellness

Two restaurants, a fitness centre, the Comfort Zone and beauty and body care services cover a total of 1,700m2 of space in Säterinportti. In no other office property has this much been invested in promoting the well-being of tenants

concrete support

With amenities designed by well-being professionals

Comfort Zone

Take a few rounds of darts with your colleague or challenge your boss in foosball. A moment spent in the comfort zone will reduce your stress level.

Café & Lunch Bob

Have a healthy start for the day with some oatmeal or take breather with a cup of tea while listening to music in Bob's cozy environment.

Fitness centre

At Säterinportti Fitness Centre, you can work up a sweat in a high-quality environment or join a class from cross training to body pump.


For moments when you'd rather lower your heart rate than raise it, you can calm your mind and balance your body with yoga or pilates. Or would you try singing bowl relaxation? 

Beauty services

A facial to relax into the weekend or a hairdo for a company party? Taking care of your appearance couldn't be easier when you have a beauty salon you can access without leaving the building.  

Body care

Recovering from a week of work or an intense training session is made easy. Make an appointment for a massage, osteopathy or physiotherapy session or find relief in acupuncture.