Meet old friends, make new ones

Säterinportti is active in organising events that make you feel being part of a community, share useful information or just make life a little easier. Experts of different fields sharing their insights on current topics, relaxed get-togethers and sports, as well as useful campaigns such as changing tires or recycling of old clothes.

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There is strength in a community. Create opportunities by getting to know your neighbours.

What's on this month?

In our event calendar, you can see the events organized by the property owner and service providers for each month.

Venues and services

Säterinportti has a venue for every taste. A perfect setting for every kind of event, whether it's business or casual, meant to energise or make you relax.

Comfort Zone


The Wonderland co-working centre offers fun and comfortable surroundings for events of different sizes. From one-on-one meetings to parties of more than 300 people, everything is organized professionally.  
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Exercise facilities

Something happens every day of the week at the Säterinportti fitness centre. Gym classes for all fitness levels and exercise that supports well-being and recovery. Request a quote for a sports event tailored to your company
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Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is an excellent place for a more relaxed event. With a large screen wall and efficient sound reproduction you could organise a movie night with sweets.
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Café & lunch Bob and the Blue Room in Dylan Lepuski both accommodate large groups. A good choice for less formal occasions.
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